Below is a List of Frequently Asked Questions from different Buyers in United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Austria, Canada and more 

  • How Long do you take to deliver?

-basically, it takes from 24 to 48 hours once an order has been placed. Some products get shipped faster than others and location do matters, US, Canada, United Kingdom and Netherlands Customers get deliveries within 24 hours and take less than 48 hours during transit or more for their parcel to be at their door or Mailbox.

Whats The Origin of The products and pills we sell?

We have various vendors who deliver and we don't which to disclose their Identities nor location due to the huge regulations and Illegal natures of most of our products. Its true they are genuine from the real fabricants but their sale nature is not legal at all.

  • What the Risk of placing an order?

There is completely no risk of placing an order with us, we don't store any of your private info such as names and address or mailbox . its only used to deliver your order ad only your order 

  • How secure is your website?

We use E-commerce grade SSL certificate thus your pieces of information are encrypted before reaching us and vice versa. We have a PGP encryption n our emails system thus your communication with us is 100% secured and private form both end if you also us PGP its will so wonderful. 

  • How do I make payment?

Basically, we accept only 2 forms of payments :

1. Bitcoin and altcoins; we accept most forms of Altcoin as listed on the checkout page or our payment page. The cryptocurrencies you can buy opioid with are Bitcoins, Litcoin, Monero, Bitcoin cash Ethereum, DASH, Dogecoin and some few more. 

Where Can I buy Bitcoin :

Basically it easy to fin Bitcoin 

A. Google or do a search engine research ' where to buy bitcoin around me' You'll surely find the contact (phone preferable ) of various bitcoin and altcoin vendors in your area, ZIP or city. 

B. Use platform such as localbitcoin.com, paxful.com and some few me to buy bitcoin from local vendors with cash, Paypal or credit card. 

2. we accept Vanilla Gift Cards as payment. we only accept non-reloadable prepaid Gift cards bought with cash. Do not buy the Vanilla Credit card with another credit card. Buy with cash only this is to avoid any link and thus making your order more private without your private info associated to it. You can buy the vanilla gift card in your area using the following Links 

 Opioidland where to buy vanilla gift card t purchase your opioid online CVS pharmacy Locate store here

  Opioidland where to buy vanilla gift card t purchase your opioid online Walmart Locate store here

   Opioidland where to buy vanilla gift card to purchase your opioid online RITE AID PHARMACY Locate store here

 Opioidland where to buy vanilla gift card to purchase your opioid online Dollar General Locate store here 

You can Buy Too directly or from referred and accredited vendors from vanilla Gift cards Official Website 

NOTE: we only accept Non-reloadable Prepaid Gift cards Mastercard and VISA only. Bought with Physical Cash.

  • Do You Accept Western Union and MoneyGram?

Yes, we do in certain circumstances, and it may be a payment for returning customers we trust or some few new customers. This payment method will follow vigorous rules set by our team due to its level of risk and privacy which we can't control at 100 %. Contact us if you which to use such a payment option 

  • Do You Accept Paypal?

Yes. We may only accept Paypal for some returning customers via the friend and family members around the Confirmation may take up to 48hours so be wise when asking us a PayPal transaction.

  • Cash App 

We accept Cash App Payment, once you place your order please send us an email to [email protected] or reply to your order confirmation email in spam box or inbox folder we will submit you an email address to make payment via cash app

  • Do You accept Google Play Gift and Itunes Gift Cards?

We accept such cards only bought with cash once bought send us the Front and back image of the Card and scratch the Code. Plus don't forget the Image of the receipt showing bought with cash . 


Fill free To ask Us more questions we are open minded